The Legend of the No. 112 'Batmobile'

Gary 'Hot Shoe' Balough piloted this piece of racing history to a victory at Syracuse's Super Dirt Week in 1980

Maybe more infamous than Gary Balough himself, is the no. 112 dirt car that he drove to a win in 1980’s Super Dirt Week at Syracuse, NY.  

Nicknamed “The Batmobile,” it was a feat of racing engineering, created by Balough and car builder Kenny Weld.  The pair and their team transformed what is said to be a Lincoln, into one of the most advanced race cars ever developed at the time.  It was so dominant on the track, that Balough’s competition were absolutely humiliated by his performance.  Track officials could hardly believe the car was legal, but ultimately had to admit that Balough and Weld’s creative interpretation of the rules were indeed legal.

The car featured many creative tweaks like its enormous flat, angled roof, which acted like a sprint car-like top wing.  Such wings were not permitted, however “The Batmobile’s” roof was technically legal.  It also featured massive air tunnels on both sides of the body.  These tunnels had inlets that Gary could control from inside the car.

The innovations made in the creation of “The Batmobile” completely changed the sport of Dirt Racing.  It is in part, responsible for the sport as we know it today.  Gary and the ‘Batmobile’ are still active to this day and Gary is still innovating, acting as a mentor and driving coach for Stewart Friesen and Halmar Racing    

'Undoubtedly the most-unusual Dirt-Track Modified Stock Car that was ever created, in one fell-swoop this unique car – which is a permanent fixture at the Dirt Museum & Hall of Fame, in Weedsport, New York – changed the sport forever. And it is the reason why for the past 35 years we have had the Dirt-Track Modifieds that we know of today.'

-Area Auto Racing News

The 'Batmobile' Team

One of the Greatest Dream Teams in Racing History
  • Kenny Weld – Car Builder and Crew Chief
  • Don Brown – Sheet Metal and Aerodynamics
  • Tim Light – Aerodynamics Engineer
  • Ron Hutter – Motor Builder
  • Mario Rossi – Motor Tuner
  • Eddie Lebretone – Motor Tuner and Tires
  • Ray Stonkas – Chassis Engineer and Crew Chief
  • Pete Hamilton – Engineer and Driving Coach
  • Bobby Henry – Tires
  • Mark Clark – Tires
  • Richard Marinelli – Gas
  • Billy Sanchilli – Jackman
  • Lead Head – Fabricator
  • Huey Parsons – Public Relations